Nydeum SmartAir

One Finger Text Input For All Your Smart Devices

We license a hardware and software solution that can be used to input text with just one finger on even the smallest devices.

Smart TV Application

Smart TV

Where typing is still not solved

By implementing Nydeum Technology you can keep all the pros and get rid of the cons of the regular smart TV remote. With Nydeum the typing is faster, easier and without taking your eyes off the screen.

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Future Industry Application

Future applications which we are already working on.


Better input right at your fingertips

One of the biggest challenge of wearables is inputting data on extremely small surfaces.

We successfully solved this with our patented technology.

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The physical keyboard is missing

Nydeum has solved that by unleashing exciting new ways to control and add text in VR/AR applications.

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Better input right at your fingertips

A hands-free solution for efficient input while on the road. Intergrating Nydeum technology into new steering-wheels can provide manufacturers with an innovative way to control the computer systems in new cars.

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We have created a number of product prototypes to demonstrate the benefits and range of our input technology.

In addition to the mechanical inventions, we have developed corresponding software to interpret the users' movements and translate them into language.

Nydeum Sense

Nydeum Sense

An airmouse you can type on

The simplest Nydeum device. Compact, lightweight input and control device.

Primarily developed for smart TVs.

Simple character input in the most convenient way.

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Nydeum SmartWatch

Nydeum SmartWatch

The World's First Standalone Smartwatch.

We developed a smartwatch prototype that gives a real answer to the input challenges. All around the world, we see experiments trying to find a more efficient solution to this problem. With Nydeum you get a fully functional, wearable that is a replacement for current mobile phones.

Our vision is to make wearables the number one cell phone replacement by adding a new level of interactivity.

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Nydeum ComposeAir

Nydeum ComposeAir

Application of Next Gen. Nydeum Technology

An input device using Nydeum technology. We can input text using extremely small gestures.It was designed to allow quick changes between character types (letters, numbers, glyphs).

Gesture support is included for control and input. It can be manufactured in different sizes, and can support VR/AR, smart TVs, computers or smart home devices.

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Nydeum Phone

Nydeum Phone

Smartphone with the Nydeum Unit

We unified Nydeum technology with current cell phone benefits and created an entirely different and novel way for mobile phone control.

Nydeum opens a new dimension in human-machine interaction by keeping the benefits of touch screens.

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About Nydeum Technology

The Nydeum input technology is the solution developed by our research lab.

The Nydeum input technology is the solution developed by our research lab.

Our techology rests on two pillars.

A control and input device, suitable for miniaturization, called the Nydeum Unit.

A versatile software solution, called Nydeum Assist.

Nydeum Unit

This hardware unit contains the sensors and has a specially designed
surface capable of detecting small movements (patented).
This proprietary design makes it possible to provide a new way of
input and control is that transcends the current QWERTY solutions.

Nydeum Assist

Precise input requires a finely tuned alphabet. Nydeum Assist has been
developed to make the input of characters intuitive and natural.

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